Publice Affairs Update.....................10/21/2015

Public Affairs Update……………………………………………………..October 21, 2015

  • New RESPA Bulletin Sheds Little Light

  • CFPB Reassuring as TRID Rules Kick In

  • How Have Zero Interest Rates Affected the Housing Industry?

  • BARA Directors Are Asking You to Join the Campaign to Defeat 300 & 301

  • Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday, November 4, Noon to 1:00pm at BARA

  • In Case You Missed It


    New RESPA Bulletin Sheds Little Light
    An Oct. 8 bulletin on RESPA compliance and marketing services issued by the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau is as notable for what it doesn't say as it is for what it does say. [Source: NARe-news 10-15-2015]


    CFPB Reassuring as TRID Rules Kick In
    New written assurances have been issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on behalf of the six federal financial regulatory agencies after TRID rules took effect Oct. 3. The message: Early enforcement of the new rules will take into account good-faith compliance efforts. [Source: NARe-news 10-15-2015]


    How Have Zero Interest Rates Affected the Housing Industry?

    Ask the Economist is an ongoing series in which DS News talks with an economist about the most pressing issues facing the nation's housing industry and the economy. This installment features Rodney Ramcharan, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Research Director of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate.
    READ MORE [Source: 10-21-2015] 


    BARA Directors Are Asking You to Join the Campaign to Defeat 300 & 301

    The BARA Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose two citizen initiated ballot issues that threaten our economic health, housing availability, and sustainable infill and redevelopment.


    Ballots are Mailed, It Is Time To

    VOTE NO on Ballot Questions 300 and 301


    NO on 300: The "Neighborhoods Right to Vote" proposes to divide the community into undefined neighborhood voting districts, allowing a tiny minority of people to force an election on virtually any zoning change. This undermines community-wide planning, costs taxpayers unnecessary election costs and results in less revenue for police, fire and other essential services.

    NO on 301: Just like the "Taxpayers Bill of Rights" TABOR amendment that has crippled the state budgeting process 301, the "New Development Shall Pay Its Own Way" amendment, is a cleverly worded recipe for unintended consequences. It writes an undefined fee on new development into the City Charter that would effectively shut down Boulder until the courts resolve the disputed language.


    Join us in this campaign to fight for the community values we all believe in. Please visit to find out what is at stake--and make a donation today. Or send checks to Citizens for One Boulder and Coalition for One Boulder—mail to P>O> Box 4962, Boulder, CO 80306.


    Pizza & Public Affairs Wednesday, November 4, Noon to 1:00pm at BARA

    Guest Speakers:

    Jennifer Pinsonneault, Economic Vitality Coordinator, City of Boulder

    Leslie Ellis, Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) Update Project Manager, City of Boulder.


    What they will present:

    The City’s Economic Vitality Office is gearing up for an active 2016 with new programs and incentives and prepared to integrate economic vitality goals and policy into the BVCP. Jennifer Pinssoneault will be looking for your feedback and suggestions! More at:


    The 5-year Major Update to the BVCP has been underway for almost a year with public involvement efforts and research creating the platform for development of new policy and goals around housing, transportation, economic vitality, environment and social sustainability. Leslie Ellis will lay out what has been accomplished to date, what processes and timelines the BVCP Update will involve. And, critically, how Realtors® can engage and help shape the goals and direction of city planning for the next five years or more.

    More at: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan 


    Don’t miss this ‘double barreled’ program focused on Boulder’s Future!



    In Case You Missed It