The grant money is expected to allow the county to cover the costs of that work for as many as  80 homeowners, said Joe Malinowski, manager of Boulder County Public Health's Environmental Health Division.

On Thursday, the Board of County Commissioners approved  a contract with the Colorado Department of Public Health's Water Quality Control Division for spending the state money on rehabilitating on-site wastewater treatment systems destroyed or damaged in the September 2013 floods.

Also eligible for the program, Malinowski said, are the costs of connecting unincorporated Boulder County homes whose septic systems were destroyed to municipal sewer systems, where that's appropriate and possible.

The new state-funded Boulder County program cannot pay for any septic system repair or replacement work that's already been done since last year's floods, Malinowski said. But it will cover up to 100 percent of the expenses of such projects from here on.

Boulder County officials have said that if property owners' septic systems were impacted by the flood, people should call 303-441-1564 to discuss any concerns they may have and to learn more about the repair permit process. Water quality specialists may also be available to visit the  site to provide further guidance.

People can  also contact the Boulder County Flood Rebuilding and Permit Information Center at 303-441-1705 or

Malinowski said that while it may be another three to four weeks before the county actually has the grant money in hand, property owners can apply for the program through a link on a county flood recovery website,

No county matching funds were required for the $1.3 million state grant, which was made available under a natural-disaster-recovery bill adopted in this year's session of the Legislature. Sen. Matt Jones, D-Louisville, carried that measure in the state Senate, and its co-sponsors included other members of Boulder County's state legislative delegation.