BARA History Project Needs Your Help

 by Silvia Pettem


The Boulder Area Realtors Association will celebrate its 75th anniversary in May 2015. To plan for this event, I recently was commissioned by Veronica Precella and Lisa Wade, on behalf of the association, to help BARA document its history. Now we need your help.


Our first thought was to put together a book or booklet, but the challenge is to produce a product that will be eye-catching and interest as many members as possible. So, we settled on a calendar––to depict both visually and with some text––the years 1940 to the present. We plan to have the calendar start in May 2015 and extend through December 2016.


Please look through your personal files for dynamic photos that may be calendar material. They can be photos of people (a page on Hope Firkins already is in the works), events, buildings, and even logos, as long as they relate to BARA and/or its predecessors.


Of particular interest are photos that depict an era, i.e. those that show dial telephones or men from the 1970s with sideburns and flashy suits. For example, the accompanying photo and text will be used to illustrate the early 1950s during the beginnings of the Multiple Listing Exchange.  


Also worked into the project will be a timeline of association milestones as they fit into the historic context of Boulder.


I’ve been researching and writing about Boulder area history for decades and am excited to be working this project. Now we just need the best photos we can find, so please let Veronica, Lisa, or me know if you have some that you’d like to contribute as scans. We’d like to hear your ideas, too.


Feel free to contact me at or through